Speakers Bureau

Who says lawyers make bad speakers? Not true! Just ask the groups and organizations who have used the Mercer County Bar Association (MCBA) as a source for educational speakers. Some of our satisfied clients include The Princeton YWCA, the CPA Club of Central Jersey, the N.J. Department of Human Services, Rider University, Mercer County Community College, plus various secondary schools and senior citizen groups throughout Mercer County.

The MCBA Speakers’ Bureau provides speakers on a variety of legal topics. Some examples of topic titles include Law as a Career, Bill of Rights, Constitutional Law, Consumer Issues, Small Business Planning, How to Choose a Lawyer, Understanding and Using Municipal Court, etc. The Speakers’ Bureau service is suitable for all ages and can be tailored to fit any time constraints.

Speakers are available at no charge. The Speakers Bureau is a public service of the MCBA. Our speakers volunteer their time so we can provide this service at no cost to your group, organization, or cause.

If you would like to arrange for a speaker, please simply email the MCBA at siraca@mercerbar.com. Reservations should be made as early as possible. A Speakers’ Bureau coordinator will contact you to confirm arrangements with you.